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Olmsted Falls Bulldogs (10U C)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Julio Galarza440-670-2224 
Strongsville Mustangs153048
Brunswick Blue Devils135044
Wlake LadyDemons Green126042
Parma Cheetahs117040
Avon Lake Scorchers711032
Olmsted Falls Bulldogs117020
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

7/10Make-up from 6/30/17
Game5/96:30pm at Parma Cheetahs186 Parma - James Day Park #5
Game5/2010:00am at Wlake LadyDemons Green1110 Westlake High School
Game5/236:15pm at N.Roy.LadyBearsGold1211 NRHS #2
Game5/273:00pm N.Roy.LadyBearsGold247 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game5/306:00pm at Wlake LadyDemons Green115 Westlake High School
Game6/1012:00pm at Avon Lake Scorchers193 Avon Lake Blesser/Vergei
Game6/206:30pm Brunswick Blue Devils174 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game6/226:30pm Parma Cheetahs236 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game6/243:00pm Strongsville Mustangs232 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game6/276:30pm Brunswick Blue Devils100 Olmsted Falls HS Field #2
Game7/66:30pm at Avon Lake Scorchers218 Weiss Field #7
Game7/83:00pm Wlake LadyDemons Green339 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/118:15pm at N.Roy.LadyBearsGold1922 NR York #7
Game7/146:15pm at Brunswick Blue Devils2010 Brunswick-Applewood
Game7/153:00pm Avon Lake Scorchers257 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/186:30pm Parma Cheetahs2716 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/206:00pm Strongsville Mustangs133 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/207:30pm at Strongsville Mustangs177 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4

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