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Brecksville Bees (12U B)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Joe Hackney 
Head Coach:Julie Hackney 
Highland Hornets130243
Avon Eagles Purple95134
Strongsville Mustangs58227
Brecksville Bees410124
Bay Village39222
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game6/116:30pm at Avon Eagles Purple1215 Avon Veterans Park #1
Game6/166:00pm Bay Village1916 Brecksville Blossom Fld E
Game6/168:00pm at Bay Village723 Brecksville Blossom Fld E
Game6/186:30pm at BrunswickLadyBlueDevil177 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/2012:00pm at IndependenceBlueDevils100 Independence #1
Game6/256:30pm at Strongsville Mustangs114 Strongsville - Foltz #1
Game6/298:00pm Avon Eagles Purple219 Brecksville City Fields A
Game7/96:00pm IndependenceBlueDevils1810 Independence #1
Game7/1112:00pm Avon Gold11 Brecksville Highland Elem
Game7/136:30pm Brunswick175 Brecksville Blossom Fld F
Game7/156:30pm BrunswickLadyBlueDevil2016 Brecksville City Fields A
Game7/166:30pm at Avon Eagles919 Avon Veterans Park #6
Game7/206:30pm Strongsville Mustangs1115 Brecksville Blossom Fld F
Game7/226:30pm Highland Hornets167 Brecksville Blossom Fld E
Game7/236:30pm at Highland Hornets109 Granger Elementary School

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