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Brecksville Bees (12U A)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Wendy Stevens4403763519 
Brunswick Blue Devils151046
Amherst Chargers143045
Brecksville Bees108038
Avon Purple104136
Bay Village113016
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/176:30pm at Strongsville314 Strongsville - Sprague
Game5/208:00pm at IndependenceBlueDevils214 Independence #2
Game5/236:30pm Amherst Chargers164 Brecksville City Fields C
Game6/86:00pm at Brunswick Blue Devils181 Brunswick Willetts School
Game6/146:30pm Avon Purple111 Brecksville City Fields C
Game6/148:30pm Avon Purple65 Brecksville City Fields C
Game6/166:30pm at Amherst Chargers161 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/206:00pm at Brunswick Blue Devils82 Brunswick Willetts School
Game6/216:30pm at Bay Village718 Bay High School Varsity
Game6/236:00pm IndependenceBlueDevils610 Brecksville City Fields A
Game6/276:15pm Brunswick Blue Devils168 Brecksville Blossom Fld D
Game6/296:30pm at Avon Purple1013 Avon Veterans Park #1
Game6/306:15pm Bay Village218 Brecksville City Fields A
Game6/308:15pm Bay Village512 Brecksville City Fields A
Game7/56:15pm Amherst Chargers52 Brecksville City Fields A
Game7/76:00pm Strongsville010 Brecksville City Fields B
Game7/78:00pm Strongsville513 Brecksville City Fields B
Game7/116:15pm IndependenceBlueDevils211 Brecksville Highland Elem

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