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Amherst Chargers (12U B)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Chris Roeder440-670-8303 
Contact:Carl Bertke4402251972 
North Royalton Bears144046
Broadview Hts.116141
Parma Blue Diamonds116141
Amherst Chargers115140
Avon White98035
Avon Lake Shoregals413127
Lakewood Smith018018
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/176:00pm Avon White717 Oakwood Park Field #2
Game5/247:00pm at Broadview Hts.1813 Broadview Hts #2
Game6/26:00pm at Avon Lake Shoregals1616 Avon Lake Weiss Fields #7
Game6/52:30pm Lakewood Smith314 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/54:30pm Lakewood Smith420 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/86:00pm at North Royalton Bears1410 NR York #1
Game6/136:00pm Avon Lake Shoregals1121 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/166:00pm at Avon White1519 Avon Veterans Park #1
Game6/226:30pm at Lakewood Smith1230 TBA
Game6/2510:00am Broadview Hts.813 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/2512:00pm Broadview Hts.914 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/276:00pm Avon Lake Shoregals1224 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/56:00pm at North Royalton Bears114 NR York #1
Game7/147:00pm North Royalton Bears1112 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/186:00pm Avon White00 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/206:00pm Parma Blue Diamonds76 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/207:30pm Parma Blue Diamonds710 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/216:30pm at Parma Blue Diamonds1312 St. John Bosco

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