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BrunswickBlueDevilsWms (14U A)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Brian Williams 
Contact:DJ Van Winkle440 781-0475 
Avon Eagles Gold124244
Parma Cheetahs134043
Brecksville Bees710133
North Ridgeville312021
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/276:30pm Avon Eagles Gold219 TBA
Game6/25:30pm Parma Cheetahs121 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/27:30pm Parma Cheetahs218 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/86:30pm at North Ridgeville78 Palmer Field
Game6/96:00pm at Parma Cheetahs1617 Padua High School
Game6/96:30pm at Strongsville04 Strongsville - Sprague
Game6/156:30pm Brecksville Bees127 Brunswick Willetts School
Game6/225:30pm at BrunswkLadyBlueDevils43 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/227:30pm BrunswkLadyBlueDevils112 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/235:15pm at Avon Eagles Gold33 Avon High School
Game6/237:00pm at Avon Eagles Gold161 Avon High School
Game6/276:30pm Brecksville Bees127 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/306:30pm Strongsville411 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game6/306:30pm Strongsville222 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game7/66:00pm BrunswkLadyBlueDevils211 Brunswick Willetts School
Game7/76:30pm at Brecksville Bees196 BrecksvilleBroadview High
Game7/146:00pm North Ridgeville1514 Brunswick - Neura Park
Game7/146:30pm North Ridgeville26 Brunswick - Neura Park

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