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Brook Park Lady Tigers (12U C)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Chris Green216-526-9010 
Westlake Black3009
Columbia Lady Raiders2107
O.Falls Bulldogs Gold1205
Revere Lady Minutemen1205
Avon Eagles White1104
Brook Park Lady Tigers1104
Bay Village0303
Westlake Green1003
Fairview Park Warriors0202
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/1911:00am at N.RoyLadyBearPurple166 NR York #5
Game5/216:00pm Revere Lady Minutemen1011 BrookPark American Legion
Game5/296:00pm at Revere Lady Minutemen00 Bath Baseball Park
Game6/210:00am at Avon Eagles White00 Avon Veterans Park #6
Game6/311:00am Bay Village00 BrookPark American Legion
Game6/56:00pm N.RoyLadyBearPurple00 BrookPark American Legion
Game6/86:00pm Westlake Green00 BrookPark American Legion
Game6/166:30pm at Columbia Lady Raiders00 Columbia Park
Game6/171:00pm at Westlake Green00 Westlake High School
Game6/186:00pm at Fairview Park Warriors00 Fairview - Bohlken Pk #5
Game6/246:00pm at O.Falls Bulldogs Gold00 Olm. Falls Mid. Sch. East
Game6/256:00pm Columbia Lady Raiders00 BrookPark American Legion
Game6/276:30pm Fairview Park Warriors00 BrookPark American Legion
Game6/3010:00am at Bay Village00 Bay High School Varsity
Game7/26:30pm O.Falls Bulldogs Gold00 BrookPark American Legion
Game7/36:00pm at Westlake Black00 Westlake High School
Game7/106:00pm Avon Eagles White00 BrookPark American Legion
Game7/126:00pm Westlake Black00 BrookPark American Legion

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