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Highland (10U C)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Paul Hrics330-819-2363 
Tri-City Titans113138
Westlake Green104136
Parma Cheetahs76231
Bay Village411023
Olmsted Captains311122
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/76:00pm at Tri-City Titans148 Berea-Jason Malone Field
Game5/146:00pm at Tri-City Titans1011 Berea-Jason Malone Field
Game5/206:00pm at Parma Cheetahs96 Parma - State Road #6
Game5/236:30pm at Bay Village114 Bay High School Varsity
Game6/36:30pm Westlake Green88 Granger Elementary School
Game6/95:30pm at Westlake Green1112 Westlake High School
Game6/1510:00am Olmsted Captains1314 Granger Elementary School
Game6/216:30pm Bay Village1314 Granger Elementary School
Game6/239:00am at Olmsted Captains1918 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/86:30pm Tri-City Titans2114 Granger Elementary School
Game7/106:30pm Bay Village164 Granger Elementary School
Game7/126:30pm Parma Cheetahs78 Granger Elementary School
Game7/149:00am at Olmsted Captains611 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/156:30pm Parma Cheetahs147 Highland Kobak Field
Game7/176:00pm at Westlake Green219 Westlake High School
Other7/196:30pm Tournament  Berea
Other7/206:30pm tournament  Berea
Other7/216:30pm Tournament  Berea

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