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Brunswick Bombers Blue (14U A)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Eric Jarold4402634376 
Brecksville Bees Gold142044
Brunswick Bombers Blue124040
Highland Hornets124040
Amherst Dirt Devils FP88032
Tri-City Titans Orange88032
NR Purple Lady Bears610028
Amherst Boltz312021
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/316:30pm at Highland Hornets95 Highland Kobak Field
Game6/18:30pm at Tri-City Titans Orange1110 Berea-Jason Malone Field
Game6/66:30pm NR Purple Lady Bears115 Brunswick High School
Game6/116:30pm Tri-City Titans Orange111 Brunswick High School
Game6/216:30pm Highland Hornets178 Brunswick - Boston Knoll
Game6/286:30pm SheffieldGriffithPaver020 Brunswick - Boston Knoll
Game7/98:15pm at NR Purple Lady Bears17 NR York #5
Game7/106:30pm at Amherst Dirt Devils FP56 Amherst Junior high
Game7/108:30pm at Amherst Dirt Devils FP415 Amherst Junior high
Game7/116:30pm at Amherst Boltz213 Amherst Junior high
Game7/116:30pm at Amherst Boltz414 Amherst Junior high
Game7/126:30pm Amherst Dirt Devils FP133 Brunswick High School
Game7/166:30pm Brecksville Bees Gold27 Brunswick High School
Game7/176:30pm at Brecksville Bees Gold811 BrecksvilleBroadview High
Game7/186:30pm Amherst Boltz010 Brunswick Willetts School
Game7/196:30pm at SheffieldGriffithPaver020 Sheffield Volunteer Field

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