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Revere (14U A)

Team Administration Division Standings
Highland Hornets131040
Amherst Dirt Devils FP113036
Brunswick Elite95032
Indy Lady Devils58125
BVHts. Lady Eagles49123
Brooklyn Lady Canes113016
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/216:30pm CuyahogaHts.Shockwaves106 Bath Baseball Park
Game5/236:30pm BVHts. Lady Eagles00 TBA
Game6/46:30pm Brooklyn Lady Canes16 Bath Baseball Park
Game6/118:00pm at BVHts. Lady Eagles85 Broadview Hts #2
Game6/126:30pm at Highland Hornets187 Granger Elementary School
Game6/196:30pm at Brunswick Elite73 Brunswick High School
Game6/256:30pm at Amherst Dirt Devils FP60 Amherst Junior high
Game6/258:30pm Amherst Dirt Devils FP98 Amherst Junior high
Game7/26:30pm BVHts. Lady Eagles157 Bath Baseball Park
Game7/97:00pm at CuyahogaHts.Shockwaves98 Bacci Park
Game7/106:30pm at Brooklyn Lady Canes119 Brooklyn Rec Center
Game7/116:30pm Brunswick Elite2912 Bath Baseball Park
Game7/156:00pm Indy Lady Devils810 Independence #2
Game7/158:00pm at Indy Lady Devils128 Independence #2
Game7/246:30pm Highland Hornets60 Bath Baseball Park

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