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Bay Village (14U B)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Tom Fox216-598-4870 
North Royalton Bears180054
Indy Lady Devils117040
Westlake Green117040
Tri-City Titans107037
Avon Purple711032
Bay Village413025
Olmsted Captains117020
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game6/510:00am at Westlake Green133 Westlake High School
Game6/136:30pm at Olmsted Captains1916 TBA
Game6/146:30pm Tri-City Titans00 Bay High School Varsity
Game6/1810:00am at Indy Lady Devils95 Independence #2
Game6/206:30pm at Olmsted Captains1415 TBA
Game6/218:00pm at North Royalton Bears133 NR York #5
Game6/2510:00am at Indy Lady Devils1714 Independence Zuber Field
Game6/276:45pm North Royalton Bears240 Bay High School Varsity
Game6/286:30pm Avon Purple323 Bay High School Varsity
Game6/296:30pm Indy Lady Devils1412 Bay High School Varsity
Game7/66:30pm at Avon Purple1312 Avon High School
Game7/94:00pm at North Royalton Bears70 FORFEIT-Click for details
Game7/1010:00am at Westlake Green70 FORFEIT-Click for details
Game7/116:30pm at Avon Purple204 Avon High School
Game7/126:30pm Tri-City Titans308 Bay High School Varsity
Game7/186:30pm at Tri-City Titans1721 TBA
Game7/206:30pm Westlake Green116 Bay High School Varsity
Game7/239:00am Olmsted Captains1329 Bay High School Varsity

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