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OlmstedFallsBulldogs (18U VARSITY)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Gary Taylor 
Asst. Coach:Sara Banhidy(440)497-8053 
Amherst Avengers123039
BVHts Lady Eagles105035
NR Lady Bears Gold213019
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

7/177/26 vs Parma
Practice5/276:00pm     Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game5/306:30pm at NR Lady Bears Gold27 NRHS #2
Game6/56:30pm at NorthOlmstedLadyEagles17 North Olmsted Park #4
Practice6/136:00pm     Olmsted Falls HS Field #2
Game6/216:30pm at Amherst Avengers138 Amherst Junior high
Game6/218:15pm at Amherst Avengers136 Amherst Junior high
Game6/226:30pm at BVHts Lady Eagles21 BrecksvilleBroadview High
Game6/266:15pm at NR Lady Bears Gold212 NR York #5
Game6/276:30pm Amherst Avengers128 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/56:30pm BVHts Lady Eagles243 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/106:30pm at BVHts Lady Eagles70 BrecksvilleBroadview High
Game7/176:30pm NorthOlmstedLadyEagles89 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/187:00pm NR Lady Bears Gold017 NR York #5
Game7/246:30pm NorthOlmstedLadyEagles00 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/256:30pm ParmaBlueDiamondsV51 Olmsted Falls HS Field #4
Game7/266:30pm at ParmaBlueDiamondsV144 Parma - State Road #2
Game7/268:30pm ParmaBlueDiamondsV136 Parma - State Road #2

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