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Highland Hornets (12U A)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Terri Morgan4409158452 
Amherst Chargers152047
Brunswick Blue Devils144046
Revere Wolfpack105137
Highland Hornets97034
Lakewood Rangers Gold513028
Avon Aces411125
Parma Cheetahs116019
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/216:30pm at Revere Wolfpack47 Bath Baseball Park
Game5/246:30pm Parma Cheetahs313 Granger Elementary School
Game5/296:30pm Brunswick Blue Devils139 Granger Elementary School
Game5/316:30pm at Parma Cheetahs711 Padua High School
Game6/46:30pm Avon Aces46 Highland Kobak Field
Game6/56:30pm at Amherst Chargers56 Amherst Junior high
Game6/118:00pm at Lakewood Rangers Gold111 Lakewood Harding School
Game6/126:30pm Amherst Chargers52 Granger Elementary School
Game6/146:30pm Lakewood Rangers Gold68 Granger Elementary School
Game6/186:30pm at Parma Cheetahs316 Padua High School
Game6/216:30pm at Brunswick Blue Devils82 Brunswick Willetts School
Game6/266:30pm Revere Wolfpack156 Granger Elementary School
Game7/11:00pm at Avon Aces00 Avon Veterans Park #1
Game7/13:00pm at Avon Aces00 Avon Veterans Park #1
Game7/28:00pm at Lakewood Rangers Gold310 Lakewood Harding School
Game7/54:00pm at Parma Cheetahs00 Padua High School
Game7/66:30pm at Brunswick Blue Devils133 Brunswick Willetts School
Game7/96:30pm at Amherst Chargers62 Amherst Junior high
Game7/106:30pm at Revere Wolfpack100 Bath Baseball Park

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