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AvonLakeDirtDiamonds (18U JV WEST)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Ron Jantz440-665-2895 
Avon Aces150045
Avon Lake Aces78029
Rocky River Pirates85029
Westlake Lady Demons67025
Fairview Warriors47019
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/246:30pm SheffieldLadyCardinals07 Avon Lake High School
Game5/316:30pm Westlake Lady Demons613 Avon Lake High School
Game6/46:00pm Fairview Warriors913 Avon Lake High School
Game6/68:30pm at Tri-City Berea Titans1010 Berea-Jason Malone Field
Game6/146:30pm Avon Aces130 Avon Lake High School
Game6/216:00pm at Westlake Lady Demons1026 Westlake High School
Game6/226:30pm at SheffieldLadyCardinals221 Sheffield Volunteer Field
Game6/256:00pm at Fairview Warriors1012 Fairview - Bohlken Pk #3
Game6/276:30pm ParmaBlueDiamondsBlue155 Avon Lake High School
Game6/288:15pm at Avon Lake Aces414 Victory Park
Game7/56:30pm Rocky River Pirates43 Avon Lake High School
Game7/93:00pm at Tri-City MidHts Comets415 Midpark High School
Game7/116:30pm at Rocky River Pirates07 FORFEIT-Click for details
Game7/146:30pm Avon Lake Aces49 Avon Lake High School
Game7/163:30pm at Avon Aces122 Avon High School

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