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Mid. Hts. Herricanes (18U JV)

Team Administration Division Standings
North Royalton92335
Brooklyn Lady Canes95032
Mid. Hts. Herricanes75128
Westlake Green76027
Parma LadyWarriors55122
Tri-City MidHts Comets012114
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game6/38:15pm Brooklyn Lady Canes69 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau
Game6/78:00pm Westlake Green53 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau
Game6/128:30pm Amherst115 Middleburg Hts- Szymanski
Game6/178:30pm North Royalton128 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau
Game6/196:00pm at Westlake Green92 Westlake High School
Game6/256:30pm Tri-City MidHts Comets519 Roehm Athletic Complex
Game6/276:00pm Parma LadyWarriors13 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau
Game6/278:00pm at Parma LadyWarriors813 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau
Game6/306:30pm at Amherst725 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game7/77:00pm at Brooklyn Lady Canes1410 Brooklyn Rec Center
Game7/96:30pm at Tri-City MidHts Comets114 Roehm Athletic Complex
Game7/158:15pm at North Royalton44 NR Memorial Park
Game7/177:30pm ParmaBlueDiamonds07 Middleburg Hts Rec-Martau

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