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NRoyalton Lady Bears (14U C)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Stephanie Kostyack216 256-7991 
Amherst Boltz114037
Westlake Lady Demons114037
NRoyalton Lady Bears106036
BrunswickBlueDevils Wh77130
BVHts. Lady Eagles II68230
Middleburg Hts Comets79030
Brooklyn Lady Canes610028
Bay Village68026
Mid. Hts. Herricanes311122
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game6/56:15pm BVHts. Lady Eagles II1124 NR York #1
Game6/76:15pm Bay Village212 NR York #1
Game6/156:15pm Mid. Hts. Herricanes415 NR York #1
Game6/206:00pm at BVHts. Lady Eagles II1311 Broadview Hts #2
Game6/226:30pm at Amherst Boltz611 Amherst Sliman's Diamond
Game6/266:15pm Westlake Lady Demons510 NR High School
Game7/26:30pm at Brooklyn Lady Canes518 Brooklyn Rec Center
Game7/36:15pm Middleburg Hts Comets25 NR High School
Game7/56:15pm BrunswickBlueDevils Wh010 NRHS #3
Game7/76:30pm at Bay Village2310 Bay High School Varsity
Game7/116:15pm Amherst Boltz111 NRHS #2
Game7/146:15pm Brooklyn Lady Canes54 NR York #1
Game7/164:30pm at Westlake Lady Demons74 Westlake High School
Game7/176:30pm at Middleburg Hts Comets2016 Middleburg Hts Jr High
Game7/186:15pm at Mid. Hts. Herricanes1029 Middleburg Hts Jr High
Game7/196:30pm at BrunswickBlueDevils Wh2010 Brunswick High School

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