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Parma Cheetahs (10U NATIONAL South)

Team Administration Division Standings
Head Coach:Pat Hurst440-343-6678 
Asst. Coach:Carl Voll440-781-9312 
Contact:Rich Szafarski 
Mid. Hts. Herricanes125143
Parma Cheetahs107139
Strongsville Mustangs107139
Brecksville 10U710133
Brunswick Bombers511230
North Royalton 10U018018
Points: Win = 3, Loss = 1, Tie = 2

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Game5/196:30pm North Royalton 10U919 Parma - State Road #6
Game5/216:30pm Mid. Hts. Herricanes97 Parma - State Road #6
Game5/266:30pm Strongsville Mustangs46 Parma - State Road #6
Game5/286:30pm Brecksville 10U711 Parma - State Road #6
Game5/306:30pm Brunswick Bombers515 Parma - State Road #6
Game6/26:30pm IndependenceBlueDevils96 Parma - State Road #6
Game6/36:30pm at Strongsville Mustangs01 Strongsville - James
Game6/66:00pm at IndependenceBlueDevils156 Independence #3
Game6/97:30pm Mid. Hts. Herricanes50 Padua High School
Game6/128:15pm at North Royalton 10U1117 NR York #7
Game6/136:30pm at Brunswick Bombers916 Brunswick-Applewood
Game6/2812:00pm at Mid. Hts. Herricanes112 Midpark High School
Game7/16:30pm at Brunswick Bombers99 Brunswick-Applewood
Game7/36:15pm at North Royalton 10U515 NR York #7
Game7/66:00pm at Brecksville 10U516 Brecksville Blossom Fld E
Game7/76:00pm at IndependenceBlueDevils122 Independence Zuber Field
Game7/137:00pm at Strongsville Mustangs76 Strongsville - James
Game7/146:30pm Brecksville 10U520 Padua High School

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